Creative Director / Producer Reel
Motion design, visual effects, animation and live action work.
The Real Deal with Medicare for All
Inequality Media | Robert Reich breaks down the true cost of Medicare for All.
The NRA 6-Part Strategy to Stop Gun Laws
Inequality Media | Robert Reich breaks down the NRA's tactics to prevent meaningful gun reform.
Why We Need A Wealth Tax
Inequality Media | Robert Reich explains why we must tax wealthy estates in order to reduce inequality.
The Yuge Republican Lie About The Deficit
Inequality Media | Robert Reich explains how tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations have increased the federal debt and deficit.
Critically Awkward
Live-streaming animated show on Twitch
Operation: New Earth
Live action trailer for Hunted Cow's mobile game Operation: New Earth
Smash Squad Game Trailer
Visual effects work for the Smash Squad videogame trailer. Smash responsibly!
Helvetika Bold: Racism Decoder Ring
Comedic sketch video promoting social justice for The Opportunity Agenda
Street Fighter 4 | Gamevice Trailer
Street Fighter 4 Champion Edition mobile game trailer
Project Upgrade
Motion graphics package for Project Upgrade series
Dr. Phil Graphics Montage
Motion graphics for the Dr. Phil Show.
Wild After Dark
Animated shorts for Wild After Dark, a Nat Geo Wild broadcast special. Animatic Spots
Helvetika Bold vs. The Mindset
Comedic sketch video promoting social justice for The Opportunity Agenda
Save The Moguls
Parody video about Airbnb
Animated promo spot for Medio.
SOS Island
Graphics package for Samsung's SOS Island, a competition reality series set on a desert island.
The Experiment
Internal/Spec Spot
Just Say Hello
Graphics for the #JustSayHello campaign
Support Our Schools
Animation for NYSUT
FCU: Fact Checkers Unit
Branded entertainment series
Viacom Social Talent Platform Sizzle
Amy Stroup
Series of videos for singer/songwriter Amy Stroup
Music For Every Moment
Rhapsody broadcast commercial and Rhapsody member story
Samsung Galaxy Note Commercials
Graphics and CG end tags for various commercial spots for Samsung Galaxy products.
A "Unique" View of the World.
Anti-Airbnb Ad for the Share Better Campaign.
Streamy Awards
Graphics package for the Streamy Awards show.
Climate Savers
Animated video for the Climate Savers Initiative
The Nation
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