Inspired by the Harlem Rent Parties of the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s MOFAD Supper Club's Harlem Rent Party was a virtual evening of stories, history, performance, music, and - of course - food and drink!
Broadway and West End star Marisha Wallace transported us to the era with songs popularized by Billie Holiday and Fats Waller – both of whom began their careers performing in Harlem and are two of the most celebrated voices in American jazz.
Culinary historian Dr. Jessica B. Harris shared the history of Harlem Rent Parties, a tradition of open house socializing and dancing born out of the need to mitigate inflated rents for Black folks in Harlem beginning in the early 1920s.
And we can’t forget the food and drink! Scholar and mixologist Tonya Hopkins crafted a specialty Harlem Rent Party Red ‘Drank’ inspired by the era. Chef Omar Tate of Honeysuckle, a dinner pop-up series dedicated to exploring Black heritage and culture through food, created a custom 3-course menu for the evening.
Client: MOFAD
Design: June Cheung
Editor/Technical Director: Jennifer Chiu
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